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Downtown Covina

There's nothing like Citrus City.

Nestled in the heart of the San Gabriel Valley, is a great little city called Covina. And if that wasn't enough, what about Downtown Covina? Every great city has a heartbeat, and Downtown Covina is it!

Full of entertainment from great restaurants, shopping, parks and even a playhouse, Downtown Covina is a great place to hangout, organize events or just spend time with friends and family.

Let's take a quick look at Downtown Covina at sunset.

And as the lights go down, the fun moves into Downtown.

What's the history of Covina in a nutshell?

The city of Covina was recorded being incorporated in 1901. Popular commercial growth of  orange and grapefruit trees, not vineyards, had made it famous. By the year 1909, the city of Covina was the recorded to be the third largest orange producer in the world and continued to claim to have the "best oranges in the world" all the way into the late 1950s. Though post World War II, the orange groves have been replaced by a majority of single family and multiple family dwellings in the popular downtown city.

However, the beautiful orange trees are still popular in many commercial and resident properties, and is the staple trademark of the city.